The Queen Eleonora Albanese founds the FANTASTIC WOOD Museum


Her Radiancy Queen Eleonora Albanese founds the first National Museum: The FANTASTIC WOOD Museum.
In the Enchanted Forest of the Free Republic of Alcatraz The Royal Elegance Her Majesty the Queen has neatly scattered indescribable works of art. The first critics and gallerists that came to visit the Museum have fainted with emotion and are still recovering, we have to look after them and feed them up. The boars of the valley turned tamed and started getting interested to romance poetry; crows evacuate colored heart-shaped guano. Furthermore, the vision of such wonder seems to heal from colitis.
Among the works we mention "Adam, serve yourself" and "If you are looking for good luck, trust the traditions and steps on here."
Soon there will be inauguration celebrations for the “FANTASTIC WOOD Museum " and the much-anticipated interview with Her Creativity the Queen Eleonora Albanese who will talk about her earth saving project behind such great art.