Messaggio da Sir Yaroslav Mar da Lostisland

Your Excellency,
we are also very glad to know that the relationship between our nations will continue! Our government is located in Moscow, Russia (it is the residence of Captains Regent), but the territory of Lostisland is very far from Europe - our nation lies on the Pacific Hunter Island. We declared our sovereignty over it in February 2011, before that this island was unclaimed. I'm not sure about what is happening now on our land, we have only one photo of our island, but probably it is spring there now. In the residence of Captains Regent now probably the same as in Alcatraz - golden autumn, the leaves are falling, but it is still quiet warm (+19). Except the cicadas, because we don't have them in Moscow...
We are hoping for future cooperation of our nations, probably it will help us to make the life of our nations more bright and interesting.

Yours truly, Sir Yaroslav Mar